Links to poetry, erotica, and more


What’s that line about multitudes?

Here are links to places where my work can be found. I’ll be adding more as time goes on.

Where I Blog ~ and yeah, I think of blogging as legitimate writing.

My Erobintica blog, for my erotica writer persona (may be NSFW), since 2008. 

My first blog, Robin’s Rant, which languished for many years, but I will post there occasionally, since 2003

We Who Are About To Die, a group “lit”  blog I’ve been contributing to since May 2010.

Here, on the main page.

Blogs I Edit

Poetry Liner Notes: The origin and life of a poem in the poet’s words. Previously published poems. Started in 2009 and now being revived.

With or Without Intention – to arouse ~ erotic poetry. A new blog that will be starting up shortly.

Poetry Online

At FeatherLit, an online journal: Freezing Rain in February, The Kelp Beds, Next Day, Wild (listed as Two Poems).

Four poems at New Verse News: Too Close For Comfort (5/6/2010), The End Times (1/12/2009), By One Vote (10/26/2008), A Short Conversation (11/15/2006)

Poetry in Print

The Book of Hope, Jonsdottir, Lohr, Jaffe, Editors. Beyond Borders 2002, with my poem “PM (Private Message).”

The Bitter Oleander: A Magazine of Contemporary International Poetry & Fiction, Volume 10 Number 2, with my poem “Lacuna.”

Visions, Voices, and Verses: Anthology for the New Britain Museum of American Art, Haskins & Barton, Editors, 2012 Exiles Press, with my poem “Women’s Hands.”

Lacuna: Poems by Robin E. Sampson, my self-published chapbook, 2009 Winter Brook Press (email me if you’re interested in a copy)


Poem, Revised: 54 Poems, Revisions, Discussions, Fiske & Cherry, Editors, 2008 Marion Street Press, with my essay “Lacuna.”

Erotica & erotic poetry (links may be NSFW)

Coming Together: Al Fresco, Edited by Alessia Brio, 2012 Kindle Edition  (originally published in 2009), with my story “Wet as Spring.”

Best Erotic Romance, Edited by Kristina Wright, 2011 Cleis Press, with my story “Till The Storm Breaks.”

Suite Encounters: Hotel Sex Stories, Edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, 2012 Cleis Press, with my story “Return To The Nonchalant Inn.”

Best Erotic Romance 2013, Edited by Kristina Wright, 2012 Cleis Press, with my story “Another Chance.”

SenSexual: A Unique Anthology 2013 – Vol. 1 and 2, Edited by Susana Mayer, 2013 Kindle Edition, with my poems “As Campers Speak With Hushed Voices” and “I Want To Watch Us.”

Ageless Erotica, Edited by Joan Price, 2013 Seal Press, with my story “To Bed.”

Bedded Bliss: A Couple’s Guide to Lust Ever After,  by Kristina Wright, September 2013 Cleis Press, with my erotic fiction/memoir “Doing It All Wrong.”