DSCN2381Once upon a time, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. But for reasons I’m still trying to fathom, I gave up before I could even write one teenage-angsty  poem. But writing didn’t give up on me, and every now and then a poem kinda thing would spill onto the page, or some story would find its way into a journal.

Fast forward a few decades and the dam burst. I’ve been writing ever since. Poems, stories, blog posts, essays, and some novels-in-progress. Oh, and lots of Facebook status updates! Yes, I do believe that’s a form of writing.  And I’ll keep writing till I get it right. Which means for as long as I’m around, since it’ll never be right.

This place is something I started working on in 2011, but stalled because its kinda weird and hard to talk about yourself when you’re not sure who you are. Yeah, I’m in my fifties and just “finding myself.” Ha! But the other year I asked a few friends for a few blurbs and these are what I got. I think it says a lot that I’m finally able to actually type these in and hit “publish.”

“Encountering Robin’s words in performance, at a reading, or on a blog, I am ever struck by the spark of their authenticity. Hers is the voice we wish to hear as we make our way along the edges of the pine forest at dusk: singing with a fearful bravery and a boundless, earthy humanity.”    ~Claire Zoghb

“Robin manages to touch upon the haunting fact that things we desire most fervently are so often scattered in with our fears: loss, failure, heartbreak. She outlines and transcends the great voic for us all, and leaps across it into vivid, life-affirming territory.” ~ Derek Piotr

“Robin has an incredible voice to lend to discussions of sexuality and life, and it has been my privilege to witness it over the few years I’ve known her. I feel deeply that what she uniquely has to share is of acute value to the world, and I look forward to its further unfolding, whether via fiction, poetry, memoir, nonfiction, or whatever format comes through her–I have seen her offerings of them all, and it’s left me breathless and eager for more.” ~ Emerald